Thursday, 3 October 2013

September's Snackbox

Yes, folks it's true, I was treated to yet another month of Snackbox's yummy goodness!  And let me tell you, it was just as fun and exciting to get it this month as it was last month.  I couldn't resist sharing some photos and details on the products that my taste buds got to enjoy this month, so here you go...
Things to note: (1) Snackbox's $15 savings for first-time customers is still in effect until October 31, 2013.  Simply enter the coupon code "LOVEOFFOOD" when checking out.  (2) For further details on Snackbox, please see my post on August's Snackbox (

The official opening of September's Snackbox!

Discovering my plunder...

Snack 1 - Kind Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew & Antioxidants bar.  Very yummy folks!  Definitely a hunger-curbing and sweet-tooth satisfying snack.
Snack 2 -  Gimme Organic Seaweed Snack.  I'm not going to lie.  I thoroughly enjoy seaweed on my sushi and in my miso soup, but I was having a hard time wrapping my head around eating it as a snack on its own.  When I finally worked up the courage to open the package, I was pleasantly surprised.  The seaweed was dry roasted and lightly flavoured with sea salt.  It was enjoyable and light.  I wouldn't say it would curb your hunger on its own, but it would be a nice accompaniment with a snack.  Plus, according to my boss, kids love it!
Snack 3 - Mary's Gone Crackers Chocolate Chip Cookie.  These were nice.  Personally I'm a fan of soft, gooey cookies straight out of the oven, but for store bought cookies these were enjoyable.  Plus, I would have had no idea that they were gluten-free. 
Snack 4 - Home Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I found these to be very similar to Snack 3's cookies: good store-bought cookies, that I would have had no idea were gluten-free.  I liked the fact that these cookies were bite-size. 
Snack 5 - Brothers All Natural Pear Fruit Crisps.  After last month's apple fruit crisps, I knew what texture to expect for the pear fruit crisps, and enjoyed them that much more as a result.  Nice pear flavour, and a good light snack.
Snack 6 - Nature's Path Q'ia Superfood Cereal (Cranberry Vanilla).  I quite enjoyed this cereal.  It was very similar to Feed Your Life's homemade holy crap cereal ( but it became a bit more porridgy and had a really nice cranberry vanilla flavour to it.  I'd definitely recommend mixing this cereal with milk or almond milk and not citrus water. 
Snack 7  - Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit.  These acai and blueblerry flavoured nuggets of goodness completely rocked my world this month!  Hands down the highlight of the month.  I will most definitely be picking up some of these at the grocery store in the very near future.  
Snack 8 -  Rocketfood Apple Berry Oatmeal.  I loved this snack as much this month as I did last month!  Easy to transport, easy to make and fills my belly...definitely no complaints here.  I did prefer last month's classic flavours to this month's but, that being said, I enjoyed both.  This will definitely will be making it onto my grocery list sometime soon!
Snack 9 - Mediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 GoLentil crackers, classic hummus, all in an easy to carry box that turns into a serving tray?  Sold!  Definitely a great snack to carry along for a hike or trip to the beach.  Only word to the wise?  You may want to bring a few more crackers to ensure you're able to use up all of that yummy hummus!
 Snack 10 - Dan-D Pak Maca'damia nuts!!!  I can't even tell you how excited I was to discover an entire container of macadamia nuts in September's Snackbox.  Talk about a score!  >ne of my favourite nuts of all time.  Plus, who knew that they came in handy dandy individual containers like these?  You go Dan-D Pak!

Snack 11 - Angie's Boom Chicka Pop.  Literally the night before I received my Snackbox, I was over at a friend's for dinner and she was raving about this popcorn she'd just bought.  Turns out it is all the rage right now.  I thoroughly enjoyed it so, needless to say, I was a wee bit excited to discover an individual package in my Snackbox the next day!  Definitely worth a try if you're in the market for some pre-made popcorn.  And word on the street is that you can buy big bags at Costco for a fraction of the price!

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