Friday, 30 August 2013

Music, Beer and Where's Waldo (Perfectly Poured Pints - 3 of 22)

This post is long overdue, but I couldn't not post it, so we're going to do a bit of time travelling back to the beginning of July when I had a fabulous evening at the City and Colour concert with some of the greatest ladies I know.  Not only did I learn new things (City and Colour is called City and Colour because of Dallas Green...think about it...glad I'm not the only one that took a while to get that one), but the concert was fabulous (literally felt like Dallas Green invited you into his backyard for a private show...he's so talented and so real), I fulfilled a childhood dream and found Where's Waldo, and we topped the evening off at inaugural visit!! 

I know, I know, how can a beer lover live in Vancouver and have never been to Biercraft?  I haven't been able to figure that one out myself, but I'm very glad to have finally made it there.  Fun, relaxed but classy atmosphere, amazing beer list, great looking menu...definitely a recipe for a very fun night!  I'd definitely recommend meandering down there sooner than later and checking it out.

Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale on tap??  You had me at Deschutes for crying out loud!

The Baked Brie: filo wrapped, baked double cream brie, crostini & honey-balsamic reduction.  ($12)

The greatest dessert that could ever be had: a Fruli beer.  Amazing!
And just when I thought the night couldn't get any better...look who I found?!!!

Twitter: @biercraft

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gourmet Camping

I can't describe the food on my camping trip to Manning Park as anything but gourmet.  Okay, so maybe the Costco size tub of sour keys doesn't count as gourmet, but the actual meals definitely did!  I thought I'd toss a couple of the meal plans up here in case anyone is going camping on September long and looking for ideas.  Take my word for it, you can't go wrong with any of these!

Breakfast #1 - Corned Beef and Hash (this one was for you Sach!).  Ingredients: packaged hashbrowns (the country medley in this case), tinned corned beef, a bit of oil, eggs.  Start up your campstove, put a bit of oil in, then add the hashbrowns.  Cook until almost done.  Add the corned beef and make sure it's close to the skillet so it crisps a bit.  Mix well.  Serve with an over easy egg on top.  Heavenly!  Other options: sauté onions and peppers in the oil before adding the hashbrowns for some extra flavour.  Note: use one tin of corned beef for every four people.
Dinner #2 - Salmon with rice and fresh veggies.  2 campstoves required.  On one campstove, prepare the rice.  On the second campstove pan fry your salmon with lemon slices for flavour.  (Note: a campstove burner will most definitely burn through tinfoil.  Just for reference.)  Stir fry the frozen veggies lickety split.  This is why I love car camping!  (Note: the $6.99 Styrofoam cooler from IGA may not be environmentally friendly, but it does kick some serious butt!  It kept a bag of ice in ice form for over 60 hours...our other trusty coolers didn't last half that long.)

Breakfast #2: Scrambled eggs with peppers, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, hashbrowns, back bacon and fresh fruit.  Amazing!!  And self explanatory.

Not a meal, but I couldn't resist putting in a pic from our hike.  Looking at Lightning Lake from the Lightning Lake Loop.  Fabulous way to spend an afternoon!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I have walked past Shuraku on Granville a gazillion times, so I figured it was about time I tried it!  And what better excuse to try it than the post-wedding gift shopping munchies?  My wedding gift shopping partner in crime and I both ordered the same thing: the daily special Bento Box.  Miso soup, gomae, assorted tempura, sashimi salad, 8 pcs California roll and chicken teriyaki.  Very yummy!  It confirmed that this Granville staple is not just busy because of its location, but because its food is darn good!

Things to note: Shuraku does not open until 12pm on the dot for lunch.  100% reasonable, but it can catch the non-hungover folk by surprise!

The Daily Special Bento Box ($14.95)

Twitter: @ShurakuSake

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Grilled Salmon with Tomato Salsa

I'm not going to lie, cooking fish is one of those things I've always been a little bit afraid of.  I don't know why.  Normally I'm in my happy place when I'm cooking away, but when I pull that fish out of the fridge...unless it's salmon and I'm barbecuing it, I get a little nervous.  So, I made a concerted effort to learn how to cook fish this year.  Why?  I love it!  And I figure if I get to the point where I look forward to cooking it, I'll eat more of it.

So, when I saw this recipe for Grilled Sockeye Salmon in Glowbal's e-newsletter, I couldn't resist giving it a try!  The result?  It was nice.  I generally prefer my fish with a bit of citrus, but I enjoyed this and can see myself making it in the winter time.  I've included the link to the original recipe, and have also included my version of the recipe below.

  • Salmon (approximately 100-150g per person)
  • Tomatoes (approximately 1 plum tomato per person)
  • Garlic (approximately 1 small clove minced per person)
  • Basil (4 leaves torn per person)
  • Black pepper (2 grinds per person)
  • Olive oil (1 tbsp. per person)
Mix the tomatoes, garlic, basil, black pepper and olive oil in a small oven-friendly dish (I used the cheese dish that I use for brie) and pop into your toaster oven at 400F for about 10-15 minutes...until the goodies start to caramelize.  At the same time, BBQ your salmon until cooked to desired doneness.  Plate the salmon and spoon the salsa overtop.  Enjoy!

Glowbal Group's Grilled Salmon


Twitter: @Glowbal_Group

Monday, 26 August 2013

Soho Road Naan Kebab

So, I'm not going to lie, despite the tantalizing smells that always seeped from the Soho Road food truck, I had always avoided it.  I know, I know...but in my defense, I had been mislead.  I had been told that they strictly serve a skewer of meat on naan.  I love naan and I love a good skewer of meat, but I want a bit more than meat on naan for lunch.

Then came my love of The Pie Hole and the recommendation from The Pie Hole's creator that I had to try Soho Road...that it was her favourite food truck.  Now, I figured if someone who spends every Sunday at Food Cart Fest and makes as pies as delicious as she does...there has to be something to this Soho Road. 

Well, let me tell you folks, Soho Road is most definitely not just kebabs on naan.  It is traditional UK tandoori on fresh naan with all sorts of yummy veggies and sauces.  It is heavenly and is most definitely one of my favourite food trucks out there!  My only regret is that it took me so long to try it!  Oh well, guess I'll just have to make up for lost time...

Things to note: (1) Soho Road accepts cash and credit.  (2) They're located on the SW corner of Georgia and Granville (right in front of the VCC Canada Line entrance). (3) The lady working in the truck is lovely, thoroughly enjoys her job and is full of don't be afraid to ask if you have a question! and (4) This food truck is too good not to try folks, so get your butts down there!

The X that marks the spot.

The menu!  Don't even mess with the small...the large is where it's at.

My Hariali Chicken Naan Kebab: hariali chicken (chicken with a mint and cilantro sauce), mint chutney, fresh veggie salsa (I believe), what looked like a yogurt-based sauce, on fresh naan.  Scrumdidliumptious!  And the perfect size for lunch.  Just be careful when you eat the's full of ooey gooey goodness.  ($10)

My cycling and lunching partner in crime's Lamb Seekh.  I'm not going to lie, I was too busy salivating over my own Naan Kebab to pay attention to what went into hers.  However, the finished product looked amazing and I got a first hand quote that it was delicious!  ($12)


Friday, 23 August 2013

Brown Paper Packages Artisanal Ice Cream

Ladies and gents, do I have a treat for you!  During one of my trips to Food Cart Fest this summer I discovered a dessert that will take you back to your childhood: ice cream sandwiches by Brown Paper Packages Artisanal Ice Cream.  But we're not talking chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream...we're talking all sorts of yummy flavours and goodness!  Absolutely delicious, not too sweet and just the right size.  So, if you're craving a cool treat at Food Cart Fest, definitely keep Brown Paper Packages in mind.

I have to choose one?  But I want them all!
These pictures definitely do not help in the decision making process.  They all look so yummy!

The final decision: Razzle Dazzle.  Chocolate ice cream with real raspberries in it, smooshed between two chocolate chocolate-chip cookies.  Amazing!

Twitter: @BPPicecream

Thursday, 22 August 2013


My friend has been raving about the Japanese restaurant across the street from her apartment for quite some time now.  So, when she was the last pick-up pre-camping, we decided it was only logical to grab sushi for dinner before heading out.  My favourite part of dinner?  When her facebook update received a comment from one of our fellow-campers (already en route to the campsite)..."Um, excuse me, you're having sushi on Broadway right now?"  Classic!  Okay, but enough about us...on to the restaurant!
I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Shizenya.  I liked the way the menu was different from the general Japanese restaurant menu that you often get, the brown rice provided more of a healthy option, the atmosphere was comfy cozy and inviting, and the service was pleasant and efficient.  I'm very glad we tried it and I foresee more visits in my future.  On to the photos!
The restaurant.

The first part of my Dinner Combo A: Prawn Sunomono, Organic Tofu Miso Soup and Assorted Sashimi.  I also may have stole a bit of my fellow camper's Gomae (top left corner).
The second part of my Dinner Combo A: Sukiyaki Beef Teriyaki.  All parts of the meal were fresh and tasty.  The quality was definitely a step above the regular hole in the wall Japanese restaurant, in my opinion.  (Dinner Combo A was $14.95)

The second part of my fellow camper's Dinner Combo A: Japanese Kheema Curry.  She has an extensive experience with Japanese Curry and she said it was good, but not a traditional Japanese Curry.

In addition to her Gomae ($2.95) fellow camper number three ordered the Natural Bomber Roll: crunchy tiger prawn, "whole wheat" tempura, juicy fresh crab, cucumber and organic spring mix rolled with brown sushi rice and topped with organic avocado and homemade sweet sauce.  This looked delicious!  ($11.95 for 10 pieces) 

Twitter: @shizenya_van

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Many a year ago, an old colleague of mine (who rocks, for the record) recommended Topanga's.  He raved about it so much, I almost walked over to the restaurant right then and there and had dinner.  Alas, I didn't follow my gut, I didn't do that, and it's been tempting me ever since!  So, I finally got my act together and went this summer and it was definitely worth the raving.  It probably didn't hurt that my company was great, but the food was delicious, their patio is awesome, the portions were out of control, the prices were reasonable, the service was fabulous and the restaurant had such a nice feel to it.  I especially liked all of the families that were there that night.  So, needless to say, I would recommend doing as I say and not as I do, and getting your butt down to Topanga's sooner than later!  You definitely won't regret it.

My dining partner's Enchilada serviced with chips, salsa, rice and beans.  ($12.55)

My Chicken Flautas served with chips, salsa, rice and beans.  ($14.15)  Amazing!  I'd definitely have to say these were the best chicken flautas I've had so far.

Twitter: @TopangaCafe

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I recently met up with some of my favourite lunching ladies and we decided to be wild and spontaneous and switch up our eating location!  Where did we end up?  Sciué.  I forgot how enjoyable lunch there is.  You're out of the hustle and bustle of the regular lunch rush, the food is yummy and fresh, and the patio on Melville is lovely.  Definitely a nice way to mix it up.  Now, on to the food!

The selection of fresh paninis and desserts (sold by sandwiches or treat).

Pizza galore!  Sold by weight.

My Taormina Paninoteca: prosciutto crudo, bocconcini, avocado, roma tomatoes, organic greens and pesto on a fresh pane Romano bun.  ($8)  This was a very yummy sandwich and fresh as can be.  But it wasn't quite enough to fill me up for lunch, so I'd recommend getting a salad as well, if you're really hungry. 

My Large Italian Salad: fresh roma tomatoes, cucumber and red onions, tossed in a balsamic vinegar reduction with extra virgin olive oil and served with bread from the bakery.  ($5.75)  Note: the small salad and large salad are the same size.  The difference is that the large salad you get chunks of tomatoes whereas in the small salad you get fewer slices of tomato. 

Twitter: @sciuevancouver

Monday, 19 August 2013

Super Thai

I don't know about you, but new food trucks seem to be popping up left, right and center in Vancouver.  I love it!!!  I was super excited when I checked the Vancouver Food App the other day and discovered Super Thai.  So excited, that my long-legged food truck venturing friend and I decided that we should try it for lunch that very day.  The conclusion?  Lovely, yummy, authentic (as far as I could tell, but I'm not a Thai expert), fresh (each dish is made fresh to order), solid portions and good prices.  Definitely one to try.  So, let the pictures tantalize your taste buds and then get your butts down there to satisfy them!

Things to note: (1) Cash only.  (2) Super Thai is located at Granville and Hastings.  (3) As the food is made fresh to order, there is a bit of a wait to order and then get your dish.  But the freshness makes up for it.  (4) At first my long-legged food trucking adventuring friend and I were at a loss as to where we could sit to eat our meal.  We decided we'd meander further North to the Vancouver Sun building.  Low and behold, there are benches and picnic tables overlooking the North Shore, port and railway tracks, just to the right of the Vancouver Sun building.  It was amazing!

 Pad Thai: rice noodles, chicken, tofu, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts and peanuts on the side.  Yummy in my tummy!  ($8.00)
Thai Green Curry with Chicken: coconut milk, eggplant, green beans and basil.  Served with Jasmine Rice.  ($8.50)  Very nice.
The menu.
The X that marks the spot.

The panoramic view from our picnic table!


Twitter: @superthaifood

Friday, 16 August 2013

Campfire Ban S'mores

If you're anything like me, camping just isn't camping without s'mores.  So, when I went camping with friends on the long weekend, we were crushed to find out that a campfire ban came into effect the day that we arrived.  We fully understood and respected the ban, but camping just isn't camping without a campfire! 

We'd packed our s'mores goodies just in case the campfire ban miraculously lifted mid-weekend, but we were down to our last night and no such luck.  That's when one of our fellow campers (we'll call her the S'more Saviour) asked if we had the s'more goodies somewhere.  Everyone thought she was craving a marshmallow, but she said that she wanted to make a s'more.  We were all confused, until she pulled out her butane torch that she uses to make crème brûlée!!!  Complete and utter brilliance!  I have never seen a group of adults so excited in my life.  Totally made the camping trip complete....thanks S'more Saviour!

Things to note:
  1. This is a two-person job.  There needs to be proper rotation and focused roasting, people!
  2. As there's no fire grate to melt your chocolate over, we concluded that in the future we'd place the chocolated graham cracker on a skillet over the camp stove and see if that would work in the same way.
And in the event that you're not in a campfire ban area...try this fabulous idea created by the Ultimate Camper:
  1. Take a waffle cone and place chocolate bits and marshmallows into it in layers.
  2. Wrap the cone in tinfoil.
  3. Place in the fire until toasty warm and melted.
  4. Open up that yummy goodness and enjoy!
Roasting in progress!

S'more making!
My s'more!  Okay, I'll admit it...there may have been a s'more appy and a s'more dessert!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chou Chou breton crêpes

Folks, if you make your way to Food Cart Fest this weekend and are overwhelmed by the plethora of deliciousness surrounding you, here are some guidelines to survive:
  1. Make sure you do a full walk of the food truck circle prior to purchasing anything.  There is an unlimited abyss of yummy goodness, but only so much room in your belly!
  2. Pick your favourite meal for lunch and enjoy.
  3. Make sure to leave enough room for two desserts (you know you want to!)
  4. Ensure Chou Chou breton crêpes works into your food truck equation in some, way, shape or form.
I had the pleasure of eating at Chou Chou breton crêpes a couple weeks ago and absolutely loved it!  I had the homemade Strawberry Rhubarb crêpe as one of my two desserts and it was to die for!  Hot right off the presses, a truly homemade strawberry-rhubarb sauce with natural sweetness (not sugary at all) and just a touch of melted butter on the crêpe.  When I got to the last bite, I didn't want it to end!

Not to mention, the lady who runs this truck is a machine!  All by herself, churning out three crêpes at a time in unison as fast as Usain Bolt runs the 100m.  The only help she gets is in the money department.  I do believe it's her Mom in the back who she passes the money to and gets the change back from.  The whole process truly was a focused art form.  It was amazing to watch!  Although, I have to admit my favourite part was her sign: "CAUTION French Woman at Work."  Classic! 

The French woman hard at work.

The oh-so scrumptious menu.
 My homemade Strawberry Rhubarb crêpe!  ($5.50)
Not excited at all!

Catering?  Sign me up!

Twitter: @chouchoucrepes
Twitter: @ArrivalAgency

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Johnny's Pops

Johnny's Pops definitely supports the theory that size does not matter.  Despite the fact that this is the smallest food truck that I've encountered so far, the scrumptious handmade popsicles that come out of it are up there with the best food that the Vancouver food trucks have to offer!  I ordered a Raspberry basil and it was literally like eating puréed frozen raspberries with a hint of basil.  Amazing!  I could have eaten another three!  So, if you're out and about, are craving something cool and happen to see Johnny and his food truck...make a bee-line for it.
Johnny and his truck.

The menu.

Me and my oh so yummy popsicle!  The popsicles were $5 this day since a portion of the proceeds were being donated to charity.  I believe they're normally $4.
Twitter: @JohnnysPops

Friday, 2 August 2013

Roundel Cafe with a side of Vancouver

Roundel Cafe is officially at the top of my favourite brunch places and up until last weekend I didn't even know it existed!  I went for a hike (good old Dog Mountain on Seymour) with two of my favourite fitness companions and after working up a solid appetite, we decided that the only logical way to reward ourselves was with brunch!  One of the ladies suggested the Roundel Cafe based on a google search, and we're sure glad that we decided to try something new.

The Roundel Cafe is absolutely lovely!  The diner itself has been around for years and still has the original counter, stools, name it.  However, it doesn't feel like a greasy spoon diner.  It feels like you stepped back fifty years in time to your Grandma's kitchen.  The servers are laid-back, efficient and real.  The food is homemade (no store bought sauces here!) and there are no fried foods.  Add to that that the food is delicious and the prices are normal, you can't go wrong! 

My spinach and tomato and feta benny.  Two free range poached eggs topped with homemade dill hollandaise, roasted potatoes and yams and salad.  ($13)  Heavenly!  I had to consciously stop myself from making happy eating noises.

Fitness friend number one's smoked salmon and cream cheese benny, served with roasted potatoes and yams, and salad.  ($12)

Fitness friend number two's ham and cheddar omelette, served with roasted potatoes and yams, and salad.  (Price unknown)
The view during our 30 second wait for our table. 
Fortune cookies with our bill?  I love it!

The X that marks the spot.
Views of the city from the lookout during our Dog Mountain hike at Seymour.  Gorgeous!