Friday, 6 July 2012

Fresh Local Wild

Since the weather was so gorgeous today, three colleagues and myself decided to try out a street cart.  Our consensus was Fresh Local Wild and that was definitely a good decision.

We all ended up opting for the halibut Fish and Chips.  I ordered one piece and the gentlemen ordered two pieces.  It was delicious!  Some of the best fish and chips that I've ever had.  The halibut literally flaked apart and the chips were delicious.  Obviously not the healthiest meal, but for fish and chips, it actually wasn't that greasy.  I was also impressed with the way the food was presented: a box similar to what you'd get Chinese take-out in.  Very cool.

While we were waiting for our food, I was checking out what other people had ordered and the Fish Shawarma and Seafood Chowder Poutine looked very yummy.  I had been tempted by the Shawarma but wasn't sure if it would be enough for lunch.  After seeing it, I think it would be.  As for the poutine, we'd all been too scared to order it.  After seeing it, it's more yummy than scary.  It's fries with a cup of seafood chowder dumped over it.  So, instead of having potatoes in the chowder, you cover deep-fried potatoes with chowder.  Talk about a great idea!

Things to note: (1) There was about a ten minute wait for our food.  However, we went at noon (didn't beat the rush) and the process was well-organized, so it wasn't painful at all.  (2) It's not the cheapest food truck around.  One piece of Halibut and Chips came to almost $16.  (3) HST is not included.  (4) There isn't really anywhere to sit and eat immediately around this food cart.  However, if you walk one block North to the convention center, there's a plethera of benches.


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