Thursday, 30 August 2012

Arturo's Mexico To Go

All I have to say is best burrito EVER!!  I can't wait to try more things here.

I had the chicken burrito and, as discussed above, it was out of this world amazing!  The perfect amount for lunch and reasonably priced at $8.50.  I was also impressed with the organization.  I've found ordering at most of the food trucks confusing, slow and disorganized.  Not at Arturo's.  You stand in line to order.  You continue in the line down the truck indicating what you want in your food, and by the time you pay at the end of the line, your meal is ready.  Impressive.

My only warning is that I think they pour the hot sauce on top and it drains to the bottom.  I ordered mine medium (which I thoroughly enjoyed), but as I was eating it I kept thinking "this seems more like mild than medium."  Then I got to the bottom and it definitely felt more like hot than medium.  So just be careful and protect that tongue of yours!


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