Friday, 10 August 2012

Mangal Kiss

Today was my lucky day.  I'd arranged to go for lunch with a friend (who just happens to write a fabulous blog of her below).  We were planning on hitting a food cart and she suggested Mangal Kiss since it was a bit more on the healthy side and she really liked it. 

I was so excited!  I had walked by this cart many a time and gone weak at the knee over the fabulous smells that came from it.  However, any time I looked at the menu it completely baffled me and I had no idea how to order, so I never ended up going there.  Now I had a Mangal Kiss veteran who could teach me how!!  It turns out it was pretty easy.  She said to just pick your meat (chicken, lamb or vegetarian) and say "I'd like the chicken wrap, please."  And it came out all put together in its lovely deliciousness!

This has to be the best wrap I have ever had.  First of all, the kabob is grilled right in front of you, so it's fresh and hot.  The wrap is stuffed with yummy veggies such as shredded carrots, beets, lettuce, daikon, carrots, etc.  And on top of that there was cous cous and some amazing sauces in it.  My taste buds were in taste bud heaven! 

Then there was four added bonuses: (1) it only took five minutes to get our food (granted we were there before noon), (2) the wrap is between $7.50 and $8.50 depending on your meat, (3) it's healthy (or at least food cart healthy), and (4) it filled me up to the brim!

When people ask me which food cart is my favourite, I never like to pick just one because I think it depends on what type of food you feel like and how hungry you are.  However, if I had to pick just would hands down be Mangal Kiss.  Amazing!


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