Monday, 27 May 2013

The Ginja Ninja...

If any of you are radio listeners, I'm sure you've heard the new Ginja Ninja commercial from Granville Island Brewing.  I love it!  It takes me back to the days of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (so going to be my Halloween costume this year), and it makes me want to jump up and do a karate kick while hurling ginger (my secret weapon) at the bad guys.  So, when my sister, her boyfriend and I meandered down to Granville Island last weekend, we couldn't resist stopping in at the Granville Island taproom for a sample of the Ginja Ninja.

For those of you who haven't been to the Granville Island Brewery, it's a lot of fun!  They still brew their special release beers there and you can take a tour of the brewing facilities, plus they have a Taproom where you can sample their beers and eat some nibblies.  The taproom has vaulted ceilings, lots of natural light, servers who are very knowledgeable about Granville Island's different beers, and a very fun atmosphere.  It's a great way to spend part of an afternoon.  The only thing to note is that you can only have a total of 12oz of beer, due to the taproom's liquor license.  The good thing is that if you find a beer you like, you can go next door and buy some more of it to take home!

On to the fun!

The Tasting Map.  I thought this was brilliant!  Each square provides info on the different beers, and then they serve the beer on to the appropriate square, so you know which one is which.  Made taste testing so much easier.

Our samplers ready for sampling!!!

The most fun people to sample with ever!!!

My sampler (clockwise from top left): GI Honey Lager, Ginja Ninja, and Raspberry Ale.  (approximately $8 for the three)  The GI Honey Lager was yummy as always, the Ginja Ninja rocked (think of a lager with a kick of ginger at the end), and the Raspberry Ale was sublime as always.  Definitely a great way to spend part of an afternoon!
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