Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ze Bite

In an attempt to get myself one step closer to having tried each and every food truck in Vancouver (it's going to happen folks...according to my handy-dandy tracking spreadsheet I am 26% of the way there!), I ventured to Ze Bite recently.  Seriously, who can resist "A Taste of France in One Bite?" 

Well they definitely kept their bite of that baguette and you couldn't help but think of France.  My only disappointment was that they weren't serving any stews.  Why I was in a stew mood on a nice sunny day is beyond me, but hopefully they'll add those back to the menu for the winter!  I was pleasantly surprised to see crepes on their menu, though.  I definitely foresee me and a butter and sugar crepe spending some quality time together on a hot sunny day this summer.

Things to note: (1) They're parked down on Cordova, pretty much right across the street from the Lion's Pub.  (2) There is a fair bit of seating right in front of the truck both near the flowers and near the water fountain.

Ze truck.

Ze Menu.

Ze Moroccan Chicken: marinated chicken with spices, hummus, dijon, mixed greens.  ($9)  The flavours were very nice and the baguette was definitely baked fresh that day.  It was also a solid size for lunch.  For you bread-adverse people, I feel I should warn you that there is more bread than there is filling..but who doesn't love a fresh baguette? 

My lunching partner's Ze Dijonnaise: marinated chicken with dijon, home-made mayo, tomato sauce, mixed greens.  ($9)    
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