Wednesday, 11 September 2013


A couple of months ago when I was walking down Burrard Street, I was offered a free SMAK sample.  At first I was so confused...what is a SMAK?  But, seeing as though I could never rationalize turning down free food, I took the sample.  I can't remember what it was, but I remember it was very yummy and actually enticed me to check them out online.  What I discovered intrigued me.  A healthy fast-food restaurant right around the corner from my office.  I figured it was definitely worth a try for lunch...which led to the yummy pictures below!

My Mango SMAK box: a mango nori wrap (red cabbage, rice vermicelli, almond, edamame, herbs, spinach and carrot), mango, half an avocado, spinach, seeds mix, kelp noodle and pickle mix, beansprout salad and Thai dressing.  This meal was full of variety in terms of flavour, colour and texture.  I loved it!  The only thing I wish is that there was a bit more of it.  I was not hungry at the end of the meal, but I wasn't fully satisfied either.  Granted, I eat more than the average person.  So, I'd say this is a great option for a light lunch, but if you're hungry maybe opt for a large hot bowl and small salad (that seemed to be what the majority of people were ordering).  I was also very impressed by the fact that every ounce of packaging that you see above was fully compostable.  ($11.85)

My view during lunch.  Sitting at a picnic table underneath a tree...nice touch SMAK!

The X that marks the spot.


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