Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Magic Beans

I love going back to the Okanagan to see all of the friends and family that I spend far too much time away from, but there also tends to be an added bonus: everyone sends you home with a tonne of produce!  This last trip I cleaned up.  Peaches from my friend's Grandma's peach tree (amazing), a jar of homemade pickles (can't wait for a special occasion to open those puppies up), a 20lb box of peaches from the Orchard up the street from my sister (frozen peaches...here I come!), and fresh tomatoes, beans and an eggplant from my friend's garden (they may have been for my parents but I totally stole them!). 

The beans from my friend's garden were a mixture of green and purple.  They were gorgeous.  The night I got home I decided to steam some up to go with dinner.  I popped them in the steamer, let them cook for a couple of  minutes and then lifted the lid and low and behold they were all green!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I actually did a second batch just to see if it would happen again and it did.  It was so much fun!  So, if you have kids or are like me and are a big kid at heart, grab some of these the next time you see them...they'll provide you with some serious meal entertainment.



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