Monday, 9 September 2013

The Grand Bay Café

One of the best kept restaurant secrets in Kelowna is the Grand Bay Café located in the Delta Grand Okanagan.  The restaurant is quiet and calm, the service is good, they have a patio right on the lagoons, the food is good quality and solid sizes, the prices are very reasonable and, rumour has it, that they even have a $15 burger and beer special on Rockets home game nights in the winter!  So, if you're looking for a relaxed lunch on a patio in downtown Kelowna or an inexpensive pre-game burger and beer, make your way to the Grand Bay Café.

Housemade hummus with assorted breads.  I couldn't believe the amount of hummus that arrived on the table for only $5!  Amazing!

My Grandma's Caesar salad: chock full of bacon and cheesey goodness.  A nice Caesar according to my Grandma who ate every last bit!  ($12)

The front side of my Apple Cobb Salad: chicken, prunes, aged cheddar, tomatoes and fresh greens with grated apple.
The back side of my Apple Cobb Salad: roasted nuts, dried apples, bacon and more fresh greens.  This was a lovely salad.  It wasn't quite as apple focused as I was expecting, but it was super fresh and had delicious flavours!  ($14)

Our view during lunch.  Not too shabby.

Now that's what I call one heck of a special coffee!!!  Coffee, Bailey's, Frangelico and whipped cream...what more could a girl want?  ($9)

Me and my fabulous lunching partner, Grandma!

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