Tuesday, 30 July 2013


A couple weekends ago, I woke up on Sunday morning to the best text message ever.  A very dear friend, who just happens to be Italian, had decided to make homemade gnocchi with her Mom that day and was wondering if I wanted to come for dinner.  Um, heck yah!!!!  She kept warning me that it had been a while and they might taste like cement bricks...talk about underselling your handy work.  It was literally the best gnocchi that's ever entered my mouth.  Unreal!  The only disappointment was that I was busy in the afternoon and wasn't able to learn how to make them myself.  Don't worry, I got a signed rain cheque good for eternity!

The gnocchi waiting for its bath.
Watching the master at work.  You pop them into boiling water and once they float they're done.

The homemade vodka marinara sauce...you know, nothing special...geeshkapeeshka!
The homemade gnocchi ready for consumption.  Oh how I wish I'd smuggled some out in my purse!  It would have been well worth the drycleaning bill.
Side salad.

Homemade garlic bread: Baguette cut in half, buttered, sprinkled with garlic powder and parmesan, then broiled and cut into individual pieces.  Yum!


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