Monday, 8 July 2013

Kafka's Coffee & Tea (Best Cafés of Vancouver - 5 of 48)

Well I am slowly but surely making my way through Erin Ireland's best cafés of Vancouver and am loving every minute of it!  My latest outing was to Kafka's Coffee & Tea on Main, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The beverages were great and authentic, the prices included tax (nice touch), the artwork was eye-catching and original, the space was modern but hipsterish at the same time (but not to the point so non-hipsters like myself felt unwelcome), they had fabulous bottles of water for free so you could re-hydrate post caffeine treat (another nice touch), and they had neat little things that caught your eye throughout the café (e.g. handles for canning jars to make them into cups, etc.).  The other bonus is they were open until 9pm on weekdays.  Definitely made for a fun evening out!  Now, on to the beverages...

My wonderful coffee companion's wet cappucino.  Very pretty to look at and my coffee companion thoroughly enjoyed it.

My Chai.  I had a feeling this Chai was going to be good when they listed it as "Chai" not "Chai Latté"...and boy was it ever!  Definitely tasted like it was made with fresh spices and it tasted every bit as good as my friend's homemade Chai, and her family's from Goa for crying out loud!  I'd definitely order this puppy again.  ($4.50)

The view of the coffee shop from our table.

The X that marks the spot.
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  1. Love the coffee and the decorative work on coffee shop walls.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak