Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Cult

So, I recently fulfilled a lifelong food dream of mine: I went for pie at Aphrodite's Café!  The pie was heavenly, the servers oh so kind and real, the restaurant itself was comfy cozy and welcoming, the artwork was fun and funky...I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend an evening.  Such a treat!

Things to note: (1) In addition to amazing pies, Aphrodite's serves brunch, lunch and dinner.  (2) I was amazed to find out that they have six different gluten-free pies.  (3) This part of 4th has free parking, so leave your change at home! (4) If you're planning on going for brunch, there's quite often a serious line, so be prepared to get there early or wait in line, and (5) All items on the menu are made from local, organic ingredients.

The X that marks the spot.

The chocolate fiend's Chocolate Banana Cream Pie.  ($9.25)  The chocolate fiend had it narrowed down between the Chocolate Pecan and Chocolate Banana Cream Pie and then asked our server for her recommendation.  Without any hesitation she said the Chocolate Banana Cream Pie.  We both laughed over how certain she was, to which she said that the Chocolate Banana Cream Pie has a cult following.  Now, I definitely have a mind of my own and never thought I would be convinced to join a cult...but one taste of this pie and I was officially asking where to sign up for the Chocolate Banana Cream Pie cult.  Unreal!  Plus it was massive.  You could definitely share this puppy between two. 

My Raspberry Rhubarb Pie with Mario's Gelati Vanilla Bean ice cream.  ($9.25)  Absolutely scrumptious!

The view from our table.  If you look closely you can see a papier-mache Henrik Sedin hanging from the ceiling...awesome!
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