Thursday, 18 April 2013

A night in, that felt like a night out...

How many of you remember the good old days when you had to leave your house to go rent a movie?  If you're anything like me, you miss those nights.  It turned a night in, into something different from the ordinary.  You can always turn on your TV and change the channel, but going out to grab take-out and a movie was a little mini-adventure.

Well, I have good news.  I have discovered a little gem of a movie store that still rents videos!  They have new, they have old, they have DVDs, they have takes about two minutes to set up a free membership, and the movie costs $6 to rent...which I do believe is $0.99 cheaper than renting directly from your couch.  The name of this fabulous little store is Limelight Video (

After having discovered this gem, a fun take-out and movie night was a must!  I'd been wanting to try Khai Thai for ages, so that made the food decision easy.  The food was delicious, the price reasonable, the service quick, and the folks that worked there were very genuine and kind.  I will definitely be eating more Khai Thai in the fact I think incorporating it into my dinner at the beach routine this summer is a must! 

Pad Thai.  You can't get Thai food and not get Pad Thai.  This Pad Thai was very yummy and tasted pretty darn authentic to me.  ($10.50)

Pad Eggplant: spicy stir fried chicken with eggplant, pepper, and basil leaves.  ($13.95)  This was really nice.  There was spice, but more for flavour than anything.  I was also very impressed with the amount of veggies...the eggplant was delicious!

Spring rolls: vegetables and glass noodles served with plum sauce.  ($6.95)  These were very interesting.  They were not what I was expecting from a spring roll, but they were really nice.  Imagine glass noodles in almost a curry sauce, wrapped in the wrapper and deep fried.  Not your typical spring roll, but yummy nonetheless.


  1. Must be very delicious. A bit like Chinese food.

  2. Hi wholesale jerseys. It is absolutely delicious! It's similar to Chinese food in the sense that it's rice and noodle based, but the flavours are very different. You should try it sometime!