Friday, 19 April 2013

Hump night...

I had the greatest hump night ever this week!  An amazing yoga class with a lady who is absolutely lovely on the inside and out, followed by a fabulous catch up and some delicious snacks at Suika Japanese Snackbar.
Now, before I get to the food, I just have to say that for all you yogis and non-yogis out there, I have found the yoga class for you.  Hatha yoga at Yyoga South Granville with Whit Hornsberger on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:45-8.  For the yogis out there, Whit leads a lovely relaxing but energizing hatha class, which leaves your legs tired and your mind ready for bed.  And for you non-yogis, you will still love this me.  I'm not going to elaborate, but you'll know what I mean after you meet Whit.  ( )

As for Suika Japanese Snackbar...this place is amazing!  I have been walking by its hustling, bustling funness for years and have been wanting to be a part of it, and now I can finally say that I was!  It's even more funky on the inside than it looks from the outside, the people working there are can tell they actually like their jobs, the restaurant is full of energy and fun, the food is delicious, and they have a light fixture that I would die to have in my house.  So, do yourself a favour and stop by this fabulous hideaway one night.  You'll thank yourself.

On to the food!

 Corn Kakiage: organic corn niblets fried with cilantro batter, soy sauce and butter.  ($4.80)  A colleague had recommended this dish to me and at first I couldn't believe he recommended the corn but he was so adamant I figured there must be something special about this corn...UNREAL!  It is pretty much the definition of yummy goodness.  Definitely a must try.

Kakuni Bibimbap: stewed pork belly, sweet dried shrimp and scallions on rice served in a hot stone hot hot!!  ($8.80)  When we were asking about the different rice bowls, we were told this dish was one of the most popular on the menu, so we couldn't resist.  It was very yummy and the presentation was so much fun!  It literally came out in a sizzling stone bowl and was mixed right in front of us. 

The frozen grapes that came with our bill.  Talk about brilliant!  Way better than a mint.  Absolutely scrumptious.

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