Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A ray of sunshine on a rainy Vancouver day...

I was out for my lunch-time walk when I made the greatest discovery ever: The Reef has opened a food truck at Thurlow and Cordova!!!  That combined with my re-found food truck fever...nothing was going to keep me away from The Reef Mobile...not even pouring rain!

The Reef's food truck did not disappoint.  The food was just as yummy as at the restaurant, they had their home-made ginger beer (delicious!), the individuals manning the truck were super helpful, and the service was very quick.  Not to mention, they were nothing short of brilliant when designing The Reef Mobile and the side of the truck turns into an awning.  Brilliance!

So, if you're feeling like a taste of the caribbean or an extra ray of sunshine one day...you should make your way to The Reef Mobile. 

The truck, the menu of yummy goodness, and the greatest umbrella ever!

Word to the wise, food trucking on a rainy day takes some serious skill.  There's nothing easy about trying to hold a Reef Mobile box, a ginger beer and an umbrella all at once.  Luckily we made it to the food court a okay with no loss of precious food.

My Tobago Wrap, Plantain Chips with Jerk Mayo and Ginger Beer combo.  ($12.50)  The Tobago Wrap had curry & lime marinated chicken breast with fresh tomato salsa, organic greens & avocado yogurt in a flour tortilla.  This wrap was absolutely scrumptious!  My only wish is that they would sell a bigger version with double the fillings, because that would be perfect for lunch.  Mind you, then I wouldn't have room for the plantain chips...and they're so darn yummy! 

My lovely lunching parnter's Jamaican Patty, Plantain Chips with Jerk Mayo and a Ginger Beer.  ($8.50) 

 The inner workings of the vegetarian Jamaican patty made with housemade Tofu.  My lunching partner enjoyed this Jamaican patty, but enjoyed it more dipped in the jerk mayo.
The hidden secrets of the yummy in my tummy Tobago wrap.

Seriously the best ginger beer ever!

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