Monday, 29 April 2013

The Kiss of the Mangal...

You know how some kisses are lack luster and others are full of fireworks and weak knees?  Well, Mangal Kiss goes beyond the fireworks and provides a full-on food orgasm!  If you are only ever going to try one food truck in Vancouver, make sure it's Mangal Kiss.  The food is unreal, the lady and gent who own the truck are lovely, everything is fresh and flavourful, the quantity is just right, and the prices are the best I've seen.  Good to see you back on the streets after your winter hiatus Mangal Kiss!

So, what is Mangal Kiss?  It's a mid-east BBQ truck that makes amazing wraps full of grilled kabobs, fresh veggies and what tastes like homemade sauces.  I'm not going to lie, for the longest time I would walk by the truck and the smells would torture my tastebuds, but I didn't know how to order, so I'd stick with what I knew.  Word to the wise, don't make the same mistake.  It's easy.  Simply pick your meat and say, "I'd like the chicken/beef/lamb wrap, please" and leave the fixings to the masters.  You won't be disappointed.

Things to note: (1)  The meat is not grilled until you order your food.  Much more scrumptious than having it pre-cooked and kept warm, but it does mean that it will take a few minutes to get your order.  So, leave yourself about five minutes from the time you order until you get your food.  (2) It looks like they're offering a wrap and small home-made soup combo now for $10.  And (3) they are located on the Georgia side of the Art Gallery, so there is plenty of lovely steps to sit, visit and eat on after getting your yummy goodness.

The new truck!  So cute.  Who knew such delicious food could come out of a horse trailer?

The menu.  You can't go wrong with any choice.

First Mangal Kiss of the season!  So excited!!!

My yummy in my tummy Lamb Kebab: served on pita, with organic young greens, cucumber, radish, shaved daikon, fresh mint and hummus.  ($8, tax included).  I barely came up for a breath and, when I did, my tastebuds gave me a scolding!  It was the perfect amount for lunch.

A home-made truffle for dessert, thanks to my Cocoa Nymph adventure (details included in tomorrow's post).  The perfect end to a scrumptious lunch!
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