Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tap & Barrel...finally!

Well, it finally happened...I made it to Tap & Barrel!!!  I have been dying to get here since the day it opened and I'm glad I finally definitely lived up to expectations.  23 beer on tap, 14 wines on barrel, a very fun and funky atmosphere, tonnes of TV's to watch the game but they didn't encroach on visiting time...I was very much a happy camper!  Mind you, that probably had something to do with the fabulous company I got to enjoy it all with. 

Now, for those of you wondering what I meant when I said "14 wines on barrel" this is one of the neatest parts of Tap & Barrel.  They have a special system where they actually tap a barrel of wine and are able to pour individual glasses without oxygen sneaking in and ruining the wine.  So, each and every glass is like it has been poured from a freshly opened bottle of wine.  How awesome is that?! 

Overall, I loved Tap & Barrel and definitely see myself making my way back plenty this summer...whether it be for hockey playoffs in July (you know it's going to happen), or for a caesar on the patio.  I was there in the evening, but you can tell from a glance that they have one of the best patios in Vancouver...with a view of Science World and BC Place to boot!  So, if you're looking for a new place to grab a wobbly pop, make your way to Tap & won't regret it.

My Red Roof Cider from Orchard Hill.  ($7.50)  I loved the way that all of the tables had been branded with the Tap & Barrel logo.

Hummus: extra virgin olive oil, paprika, pine nuts, wood stone oven flatbread.  ($11)  There was also some lemon juice or something of the like squeezed on top that took this hummus to a whole other level...delicious!

My view during the game.  How often do you see a bunch of TV's surrounded by that many kegs?  Not to mention that many taps all in a row!  And just to clarify, this was the one and only 3 second time frame that I saw these chairs empty.  We got there at 8pm and they barely had room for two!

Yam fries with house mayo...scrumptious!  ($5)

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