Friday, 5 April 2013

Handy dandy veggies...

Why in the world would I ever want fake veggies hanging around?  Because they make the best storage system ever!!!  When Santa first introduced me to these contraptions, I thought they were cute but wasn't sure if they would be very useful.  Boy was I wrong.  They keep your veggies just as fresh as tupperware, they take up less space than tupperware, and they're in the shape of the veggie that you store, so you always know what you have in the fridge!  Brilliant!

I absolutely love these contraptions and use them non-stop.  So, if you're ever out and about and considering grabbing one of these hand-dandy contraptions, don't even think about it...just do it.  Especially since I hear Santa's workshop only produces a limited amount throughout the year.

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