Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Johnny's Pops

Johnny's Pops definitely supports the theory that size does not matter.  Despite the fact that this is the smallest food truck that I've encountered so far, the scrumptious handmade popsicles that come out of it are up there with the best food that the Vancouver food trucks have to offer!  I ordered a Raspberry basil and it was literally like eating puréed frozen raspberries with a hint of basil.  Amazing!  I could have eaten another three!  So, if you're out and about, are craving something cool and happen to see Johnny and his food truck...make a bee-line for it.
Johnny and his truck.

The menu.

Me and my oh so yummy popsicle!  The popsicles were $5 this day since a portion of the proceeds were being donated to charity.  I believe they're normally $4.
Twitter: @JohnnysPops


  1. Thanks for the Blog Love! I really appreciate it! Also: glad you love the pops :) I'll see ya later!