Thursday, 22 August 2013


My friend has been raving about the Japanese restaurant across the street from her apartment for quite some time now.  So, when she was the last pick-up pre-camping, we decided it was only logical to grab sushi for dinner before heading out.  My favourite part of dinner?  When her facebook update received a comment from one of our fellow-campers (already en route to the campsite)..."Um, excuse me, you're having sushi on Broadway right now?"  Classic!  Okay, but enough about us...on to the restaurant!
I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Shizenya.  I liked the way the menu was different from the general Japanese restaurant menu that you often get, the brown rice provided more of a healthy option, the atmosphere was comfy cozy and inviting, and the service was pleasant and efficient.  I'm very glad we tried it and I foresee more visits in my future.  On to the photos!
The restaurant.

The first part of my Dinner Combo A: Prawn Sunomono, Organic Tofu Miso Soup and Assorted Sashimi.  I also may have stole a bit of my fellow camper's Gomae (top left corner).
The second part of my Dinner Combo A: Sukiyaki Beef Teriyaki.  All parts of the meal were fresh and tasty.  The quality was definitely a step above the regular hole in the wall Japanese restaurant, in my opinion.  (Dinner Combo A was $14.95)

The second part of my fellow camper's Dinner Combo A: Japanese Kheema Curry.  She has an extensive experience with Japanese Curry and she said it was good, but not a traditional Japanese Curry.

In addition to her Gomae ($2.95) fellow camper number three ordered the Natural Bomber Roll: crunchy tiger prawn, "whole wheat" tempura, juicy fresh crab, cucumber and organic spring mix rolled with brown sushi rice and topped with organic avocado and homemade sweet sauce.  This looked delicious!  ($11.95 for 10 pieces) 

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