Friday, 16 August 2013

Campfire Ban S'mores

If you're anything like me, camping just isn't camping without s'mores.  So, when I went camping with friends on the long weekend, we were crushed to find out that a campfire ban came into effect the day that we arrived.  We fully understood and respected the ban, but camping just isn't camping without a campfire! 

We'd packed our s'mores goodies just in case the campfire ban miraculously lifted mid-weekend, but we were down to our last night and no such luck.  That's when one of our fellow campers (we'll call her the S'more Saviour) asked if we had the s'more goodies somewhere.  Everyone thought she was craving a marshmallow, but she said that she wanted to make a s'more.  We were all confused, until she pulled out her butane torch that she uses to make crème brûlée!!!  Complete and utter brilliance!  I have never seen a group of adults so excited in my life.  Totally made the camping trip complete....thanks S'more Saviour!

Things to note:
  1. This is a two-person job.  There needs to be proper rotation and focused roasting, people!
  2. As there's no fire grate to melt your chocolate over, we concluded that in the future we'd place the chocolated graham cracker on a skillet over the camp stove and see if that would work in the same way.
And in the event that you're not in a campfire ban area...try this fabulous idea created by the Ultimate Camper:
  1. Take a waffle cone and place chocolate bits and marshmallows into it in layers.
  2. Wrap the cone in tinfoil.
  3. Place in the fire until toasty warm and melted.
  4. Open up that yummy goodness and enjoy!
Roasting in progress!

S'more making!
My s'more!  Okay, I'll admit it...there may have been a s'more appy and a s'more dessert!

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