Friday, 2 August 2013

Roundel Cafe with a side of Vancouver

Roundel Cafe is officially at the top of my favourite brunch places and up until last weekend I didn't even know it existed!  I went for a hike (good old Dog Mountain on Seymour) with two of my favourite fitness companions and after working up a solid appetite, we decided that the only logical way to reward ourselves was with brunch!  One of the ladies suggested the Roundel Cafe based on a google search, and we're sure glad that we decided to try something new.

The Roundel Cafe is absolutely lovely!  The diner itself has been around for years and still has the original counter, stools, name it.  However, it doesn't feel like a greasy spoon diner.  It feels like you stepped back fifty years in time to your Grandma's kitchen.  The servers are laid-back, efficient and real.  The food is homemade (no store bought sauces here!) and there are no fried foods.  Add to that that the food is delicious and the prices are normal, you can't go wrong! 

My spinach and tomato and feta benny.  Two free range poached eggs topped with homemade dill hollandaise, roasted potatoes and yams and salad.  ($13)  Heavenly!  I had to consciously stop myself from making happy eating noises.

Fitness friend number one's smoked salmon and cream cheese benny, served with roasted potatoes and yams, and salad.  ($12)

Fitness friend number two's ham and cheddar omelette, served with roasted potatoes and yams, and salad.  (Price unknown)
The view during our 30 second wait for our table. 
Fortune cookies with our bill?  I love it!

The X that marks the spot.
Views of the city from the lookout during our Dog Mountain hike at Seymour.  Gorgeous! 

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