Friday, 14 September 2012

Akbar's Own

Have you ever had one of those food experiences where the flavours are so amazing and the food is so delicious that you can't make up your mind on where to start because you normally leave the best to last, but all the dishes are the best?  That was my dinner tonight.  I was completely overcome by yumminess.

I was out for dinner with some of my dearest friends at Akbar's Own.  Only one person in the group had been to there before, so we decided to get a little bit of everything and try it out.  In all, we ordered the Vegetable Pakora, Lamb Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Prawn Masala, Butter Chicken, Eggplant Bhartha and, of course, Naan.  I also had a mango lassi to drink and mango ice cream for dessert.

The food was out of this world!  My personal favourite was the butter chicken.  I could have eaten three dishes of the butter chicken all by myself.  Our only problem was there were only five dishes and six ladies dying to scoop up the last of the sauces with our Naan.  Quite honestly a pure treat to eat at this restaurant.

That being said, it was a bit more of a quiet restaurant than I expected.  This did not take away from the dining experience at all, but if you're looking for hussle and bussle and voices bouncing off the walls, this may not be the place for you.  If you're looking for exceptional service and a quiet but relaxed restaurant, you'll enjoy Akbar's Own.

My only regret is ordering the mango ice cream rather than Chai.  Don't get me wrong, the mango ice cream was scrumptious, but with having had a mango lassi already, I think the perfect end to the meal would have been Chai.

I highly recommend trying this restaurant.

Things to note: Akbar's Own takes reservations.

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