Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Welcome to my blog!

You may be asking why I started this blog.  The simple answer is that I love food in every sense.  I love eating it, cooking it, shopping for it, growing it (although I'm restricted to a deck herb garden right now), enjoying it with a glass of wine, enjoying friends' company over a meal, sharing a wonderful new food find...I could go on forever!  The long and short of it is that some people eat to live, but I most definitely love to eat.

Due to this love affair, one of my favourite past-times is trying new restaurants, hole in the walls, recipes, etc.  Living in Vancouver, this is a fabulous hobby and I love to show off all of my finds when friends are visiting.  However, a couple years ago, I had some friends coming into town to visit and I couldn't take time off work.  I was racking my brain trying to figure out a way to provide them with all the options that I would if I was touring them around.  This is when my addiction to Excel spreadsheets and love of food collided.  What better way to provide visitors with food options than laying them all out in tabular format for their viewing pleasure?  From that point on, I started tracking all of my favourite restaurants.

When the food carts in Vancouver opened up, I was ecstatic!  Not only was there a plethera of lunch options but they were fun and delicious.  I was having so much fun with it, that one day I decided to try and determine how many food carts there were.  So far I've discovered over 50 (if you exclude traditional hot dog stands).  They all sounded so amazing that I made a goal to try each and every one at least once.  And, of course, I decided to add a tab to my Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my findings.

I soon discovered that this spreadsheet came in handy when I was meeting up with friends for lunch.  I would simply send them my list and let them pick their food cart of choice from my "haven't been to yet" list.  At first it generated a few chuckles, which I was expecting, but then I started to get some really good responses and down the road people started emailing me asking for an updated version of my spreadsheet.  So I kept forwarding the spreadsheet to those who asked until someone said "it would be a lot easier to follow if you just had a blog." 

I'm not going to lie, I never thought I'd write a blog, but the thought of writing about food gave me those little excited butterflies in my belly.  As a result, and I'm sure as you've already guessed, I've decided to try my hand at a blog!  I must be honest, when I started planning it out in my head, I felt it would be cruel to all of the other wonderful food in this city to just limit it to food carts, so I've decided it will be on food in general...anything that tickles my fancy and excites me.  I'm also going to be including my food highlights from the summer, because some of them were so mouthwatering good that I just couldn't bring myself to not include them!

I hope you enjoy!

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