Thursday, 27 September 2012

Rice N Spice

Today I had lunch planned with one of my closest friends.  However, it quickly turned into a smorgasboard of people and catch-ups when another close friend on mat leave and our very favourite ex-boss were able to join us.  Top it off with another very close friend happening to bump into us for a quick visit at the end, the lunch was great even if you don't consider the food! 
As for the food, we opted for the Royal Centre food court.  Options for everyone, and warm air for the cutie patootie baby.  I decided to go to Rice N Spice.  I was a little sheepish getting into line because I have pretty much completely abandoned them in my food cart excitement this summer.  However, the people were friendly and lovely as always and the food reminded me why I have to keep it as a regular "lunch out" eating spot.
I went for my regular: shawarma with everything, mixed veg and lentils.  Oh so yummy!  Is it up there with Vij's or Rangoli's?  No.  Is it good quality Indian food for lunch?  Absolutely.  So get in there and try it!
Things to note: (1) Cash only.  (2) HST is included in the prices.  (3) Get there before 11:55 to avoid the line.  (4) You get the same amount of meat and veggies in a half order.  The regular order just has more rice (as far as I've been able to determine).  (5) The Royal Centre location is only open during lunch hours, Monday through Friday.  (6) Rice N Spice recently opened a second location in Yaletown.  I'm not sure about the hours there.  (7)  Our favourite ex-boss mentioned that they have really good daal.  I haven't tried it yet, but am hoping to soon!   

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