Monday, 10 September 2012


Today I met up with an old colleague and dear friend for a food cart adventure!  We decided to try Mogu.  Our conclusion?  Yummy. 

They serve two Japanese-inspired sandwiches (Pork Miso Katsu and a Pulled Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich), and Sweet and Spicy Chicken Karaage (all $7.50 each, I believe).  You can also get a combo with a sandwich, a mini chicken karaage and a drink for $12. 

I had the pulled chicken teriyaki sandwich and it was very yummy.  Not as healthy as a wrap or regular sandwich but not even 10% as greasy as a burger.  My friend had the pork miso katsu sandwich which she loved, but said it was a bit sweet.  The chicken karaage was very flavourful and yummy.  And if you're going to get a drink, definitely go for the home-made iced green tea!

Things to note: HST is not included in the prices.

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