Monday, 17 September 2012

Railtown Cafe

So, I hope I'm not alone when I say that until 11 days ago, I had never even heard of Railtown.  Then, in a period of 24 hours I was invited to an event in Railtown, and discovered that an old colleague's new office was now in Railtown.  I felt I needed to discover what this Railtown was!  So, when my ex-colleague suggested meeting at the Railtown Cafe for lunch, I jumped at it.

I discovered that Railtown is the little triangle of space right by the railway tracks, just East of Main and Gastown.  It's still very industrial.  I'm guessing that it's what Gastown was like 10-20 years ago.  I loved it!

And I loved the Railtown Cafe even more.  It reminded me of a cross between Meat and Bread and an old school deli.  I liked the fact that there were more options and that it felt a little bit more down to earth.

What did I order?  The reuben of course!  A reuben sandwich is not something I'd ever make myself at home, so whenever I see it on the menu, I find it hard to say no to.  This sandwich was unreal!  A very unique twist on a reuben sandwich, but delicious in its own way.  Plus, it was massive!  I'd added salad to my sandwich because I was quite hungry and I instantly regretted it when I saw the sandwich being made.  The meat was literally piled on it!  Have no fear, though, I managed to get through both (which were AMAZING!) by avoiding my crusts. 

If you're ever in Railtown, or feel like discovering Railtown, I highly recommend the Railtown Cafe.

Things to note: There are pitchers of water on the far wall, so if it's water you want to drink save your money!

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