Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blackberry Hill

First of all, I have to apologize for the onslaught of a gazillion and one posts all at once.  I was too busy eating the last couple of days to post about my eating.  The good news?  The food was great! 

If you've already read the Creperie la Boheme post you'll know that I was at the Kitsilano Farmer's Market for lunch on Sunday.  For those of you who haven't read the other post, you're doing things the right way round...dessert first!

I just couldn't resist some home baked goods...especially after I saw Blackberry Hill's cinnamon buns.  So, I opted for a cinnamon bun and a strawberry rhubarb square.  The cinnamon bun was very yummy.  Not too sugary with just the right amount of cinnamon for flavour.  It would have been a tad better warm, but then most baking is.  As for the strawberry rhubarb tart...delicious!  I would have enjoyed a bit more of the rhubarb taste...but it was still mouthwatering goodness.

Things to note: (1) Cash only.  (2) HST is included. (3) Towards the close of the market at 2pm, Blackberry Hill may sell their baked goods 2 for the price of 1...but you didn't hear that from me. (4) If you choose to order the last strawberry rhubarb tart and the lady behind you starts to try and guilt you into letting her have it because she'd really wanted that last strawberry rhubarb tart...say "no way Jose!!"  Because it is delicious and you deserve it.

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