Saturday, 8 September 2012

Spudnuts - Pioneer Country Market

Today I was introduced to some serious yummy goodness.  Their name?  Spudnuts.  Spudnuts are Pioneer Country Market's claim to fame in Kelowna.  They are doughnuts made with potato flakes.  Imagine the best doughnut you have ever eaten it in your life, multiply it's yumminess by a hundred, add in the warmth and gooeyness of it just having been cooked and you may have a Spudnut equivalent taste in mind.

Things to note: (1) They are only served on Saturdays.  (2) They sell out very quickly, but you can make advance orders.  We got there at 10am, and if a very smart person in our group hadn't pre-ordered a dozen doughnuts, we would have had to wait an hour and a half to get our spudnuts.  (3) Even though spudnuts are made with potato flakes, they still have flour in them.  So, for all you gluten-free folks out there, unfortunately you still can't have these doughnuts.  (4) Pioneer Country Market has a lovely grassy area and playground right in front.  It makes a great place to visit with friends and provides plenty of room for kids to tucker themselves out after the sugar high.

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