Friday, 21 September 2012


Today I met up with an old colleague for lunch and we decided to check out the Food Slingers food truck.  Our conclusion?  Very yummy! 

We both had the chicken parmesan sandwich for $10.  It was ready relatively quickly and had absolutely amazing flavours.  I was also surprised at the fact that it didn't feel like you were eating a greasy meal.  It tasted more like the chicken had been breaded and baked rather than deep friend, which was lovely.

I would warn all those suit wearers out there that it's a messy one, though.  Also, the sandwich was a solid size but I could have used a little something else to go with it.  Granted I was starving by the time I got there, so I'd gauge it based on your hunger level. 

I'd definitely go back.  Especially for the calamari sandwich...very intriguing.

Our official conclusion?  Two thumbs up.

Things to note: (1) Takes VISA, and (2) HST is not included.


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