Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bubble Tea, Rice N Spice and a Side of Pickle

This morning started off with me packing up my lunch and heading out the door.  I went to a spectacular spin class this morning care of Fitness Junkie so, needless to say, my tummy was growling something fierce by 11am despite having eaten my two morning snacks.  As I was working some spreadsheet magic, I started dreaming about Rice N Spice.  I had full intentions of squashing my dreams and eating the lunch that I'd brought with me, but then a colleague stopped by my office and not only asked if I wanted to grab lunch but asked if I wanted to grab Rice N Spice for lunch!  It was a sign. 

Rice N Spice was yummy as always.  I opted for a half order of the butter chicken with lentils and mixed veg.  My bad influence co-worker opted for the curried chicken with chickpeas and mixed veg.  It definitely hit the spot.  It also helped me conclude that Rice N Spice and Vij's Railways Express both serve different purposes.  Vij's is a treat when you're looking for some amazing Indian flavours, aren't that hungry and are okay with a more expensive lunch.  Rice N Spice is good Indian flavours for when you're looking for a fuller portion and lower price point. 

I was still hungry after lunch (gosh darn spin class!) so I grabbed a Strawberry-Grapefruit fresh fruit slush with pearls and no syrup from Big Orange, while my bad influence co-worker grabbed an Americano from Second Cup.

While lunch was delicious and a lot of fun, I have to admit that the highlight was hands down getting my photo taken with the Dunn's Montreal Smoked Meat Pickle, and getting coupons for two free pickles!


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