Thursday, 11 October 2012

Kefi Greek Kouzina

I don't know about you, but last night felt like the first official night of Fall.  The chill in the air, the threatening was Fall.  As we were mourning the end of summer, we concluded it was completely unacceptable to cook dinner.  Instead, we headed out to Kefi Greek Kouzina.

This restaurant is a hidden gem!  I opted for the lamb souvlaki and that was definitely a good choice.  It came with a greek salad to start (very yummy with a nice light dressing), heavely lemon roasted potatoes, spinach and tomato rice, tzatziki, and pita bread.  I'm not going to lie, I wasn't a huge fan of the spinach and tomato rice.  That being said, my eating partner in crime really liked the rice and, regardless, the lamb souvlaki made up for it.  Imagine skewered New Zealand spring lamb leg so tender and perfectly cooked that you don't taste one bit of fat and it almost feels like it's melting in your mouth...grilled with garlic, lemon, and oregano.  Hands down the best lamb souvlaki I've ever had.  All in all, a lovely way to say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall.

Things to note: (1) If you're looking for a quiet restaurant, this is the one for you.  The restaurant was only about 20% full.  Being that it was a Thursday, it was quite nice.  Gave you the space and time to enjoy your meal without feeling like you're being rushed out.  (2) If you order the mixed souvlaki, be prepared to get 50% chicken, 25% beef and 25% lamb.  (3) If you purchased one of those handy dandy coupon books, there should be a coupon in there that will give you $10 off if you spend more than $40, before tax and tip.

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