Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mangal Kiss...yet again!

Today I grabbed lunch with two amazing ladies who I feel very luck to call friends.  Neither of them had been to Mangal Kiss, so to Mangal Kiss we went! 

Friend #1 ordered the lamb feature, I ordered the Chicken wrap, and Friend #2 ordered the Beef Wrap.  We all concluded that they were scrumpdidliumptious!  Lamb feature friend went so far as to say that it was very refreshing with all of the veggies and herbs, that she thoroughly enjoyed the daikon, and that, overall, she gave it two lamb chops up!  Friend #3 also ordered the Limonana (Israel Mint Lemonade), which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Another interesting fact is that Mangal Kiss serves soup.  I'm not sure if this is a new Fall addition, or if I just didn't notice it in the summer but it looked yummy.  It seemed like you would get a regular, deli-size container for $4 on its own, or $3 if added to a wrap to make a combo.

Lamb feature.
Chicken wrap. 

Beef wrap.


Dessert!  I am absolutely loving the sunny Fall we've been having, but the wind did bring an extra chill to our outside lunch today.  So, we opted to grab a Starbucks dessert to warm us up.  I went for a Vanilla Rooibos latte.  Just what the doctor ordered! 


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