Saturday, 20 October 2012

Notturno Paninoteca

I'd bought a groupon for Notturno Paninoteca a couple of months ago and I've been dying to try the restaurant out ever since, so I organized a girls night and off we went!

It was a very cute wine bar/restaurant.  Long and narrow with seating for 25.  A very intimate setting.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, but we agreed that we would describe Notturno as having potential.  Some of the food was very yummy (see below), and the wine was scrumptious (note - the Layer Cake can be ordered by the glass and I would highly recommend it), but the service left something to be desired. 

First of all, they had a reservation for 16, even though they don't normally take reservations.  I knew about this because I'd phoned ahead, what they'd failed to tell me was that all of the tables were reserved for the 16, so we had to sit at the bar to begin with.  I'm not opposed to sitting at the bar, but when there's four of you, it's more difficult to chat.  Second of all, our server was not very attentive.  One of the girls never got a glass of wine that she ordered, I had to catch the server's eye three times before she came over at one point, and they kept opening the front door to the point that the restaurant got cold but when we asked if they could close it they never did.  Plus, they must have a menu shortage because they kept trying to take our menu away every time we ordered something and each time we'd ask to keep it and they didn't seem to like that.  They're just paper...print more!

The night was still fun and I thoroughly enjoy the company, wine and majority of the food, but overall I wouldn't be jumping to go back again.  That being said, I also wouldn't be opposed to going back. 

The Charcuterie plate with cheese: prosciutto, spicy capicollo, salami, spicy sopresseta, speck, caramelized fig, walnuts, pecorino, brie, gorgonzola.  Hands down the best thing we ate all night!

Prosciutto bruschette.  Very yummy.  Nothing out of this world, but good.

The Tartufo panini: proscuitto, artichoke, caper, black truffle aoli, pecorino.  This was delicious and rivaled the meat platter for me.  Definitely not a traditional panini, but delicious nonetheless.

Albacore tuna bruschette.  Word on the street is that the Proscuitto bruschette was by far the best and these two were just okay.

The duck bruschette.

The house stuffed olives.  I would be lying if I said these weren't a disappointment.  Myself and two of the other ladies at the table love olives and when I say love, we may have a minor addiction.  I think we were all expecting an Italian restaurant to have darn good olives but the stuffing was only so so, and they were cold, not warm.  Definitely not what we were expecting.

The banana bread with chocolate mascarpone and vanilla gelato.  Good, but nothing out of this world.  It was almost like eating chocolate waffles.

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