Saturday, 6 October 2012


It's always nice to go out to a restaurant and try new food but, for me, the ultimate eating experience will always be a big family meal over the holidays, especially when my Mom is cooking (which is most of the time).  All of the scrumptious dishes from my childhood, a yummy glass of wine, the family you hold near and dear to your heart around one table, all topped off with lots of laughter.  It just can't be beat!  This year, my Mom outdid herself, as always.  I'm going to let the pictures do the talking from here on in.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The bird ready to be carved!  She was as yummy as she looks.

My sister perfecting the gravy.  She makes one mean gravy!

The turkey...ready for our bellies.

Stuffing!  My Mom still does it in the turkey and boy is it good.

Mashed potatoes care of moi.  Just look at that smooth, creamy, goodness.

Although, I would be lying if I said my potatoes weren't better with my sister's gravy on them.

Shrimp salad.  Hands down one of my favourite family dishes.  I'm not going to lie.  I make the mashed potatoes, but I don't eat them so I have more room for shrimp salad.  It's all about strategy when eating a Thanksgiving meal people!

Carrots with green grapes.  I've never seen this anywhere except for on my Mom's table and I love it.  Makes the carrots that extra bit special.

Sesame broccoli with a soya sauce dressing.  I LOVE this dish.  If it was possible to marry a food dish, this dish would be my husband.

Ambrosia salad.  This dish made a reappearance at this year's Thanksgiving.  I hadn't seen it in a few years, but it was just as yummy as the last time I had it.  This was always one of my favourites as a kid.  Marshmallows for dinner, how couldn't it be a favourite?

Apple salad.  This is a family staple.  I don't think I have ever been to dinner at my Grandma's house without there being apple salad on the table.  It's my all-time favourite and my sister, cousin and I most definitely fight over the leftovers.

No special family meal is complete without a dish of olives and pickles.  Yet another dish where my sister and I try to ensure that it strategically lands next to us.

Cranberry sauce in the turkey dish!  How awesome is that?  This dish has been around forever and never ceases to make me smile.

My scrumpdidliumtious dinner!  A little bit of everything all on one plate.  See, the strategy paid off.

Dessert: my Mom's unbelievably smooth pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream.  Apologies for the half eaten photo.  I was so excited for pumpkin pie that I forgot to take a picture until I came up for air!


  1. I totally agree Shayne - I would marry your brocolli and soy sauce dish too! Great blog :)

    1. Thanks Libby! Maybe I'll have to send you a care package. ;)