Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cache Bistro and Lounge

If you haven't noticed, brunch is one of my all-time favourite meals.  There is just something warm, comforting and fun about brunch.  So, needless to say, when I saw a Social Shopper deal for brunch at Cache Bistro and Lounge in Yaletown, I bought that coupon faster than Usain Bolt could have!

My fabulous brunching partner in crime enjoyed the food as much as I did.  She had the vegetarian frittata with sun-dried tomato, gouda, spinach and caramelized onion, with yam hashbrowns and multigrain bread.  She said the frittata was delicious, and I tried some of the yam hashbrowns and boy were they good!  I thought they were going to be too sweet for breakfast, but they most definitely weren't.

I had two eggs poached with regular hashbrowns, applewood smoked bacon, and multigrain bread.  The bacon was out of this world, but the eggs were just so, so.  They were cooked well, they just seemed to be lacking flavour.  I realize poached eggs don't have much flavour, but these ones just struck me as flavourless.

The highlights of the main meal for me were definitely (i) the bacon, (ii) the fact that the fruit bowl was actually a serving of fruit and came with good fruit (pineapple, orange and grapes), (iii) the freshly steeped lemon and mint iced tea, and (iv) all of the cute individual serving dishes they had.  The iced tea was out of this world!  It was so minty and refreshing.  Even if you're not going to try brunch there, I recommend stopping by for the freshly steeped lemon and mint iced tea.

Then, to top it all off, we each got a waffle for dessert.  We were only supposed to get one to share, but the waiter accidentally said we each got one so he honoured it!  Needless to say, we thought he was awesome.  :)  And let me tell you, a waffle with strawberries and maple syrup is a great way to finish brunch!

Things to note: (1) The atmosphere is more of a lounge than of a typical brunch spot.  I don't know why, but the red velvet booth backs kept throwing me off.  (2) It gets busy, but they take reservations.  So, I highly recommend making one.  (3)  Be prepared to ask for pepper, and jam.  For some reason they don't have any on the tables.  The servers are more than happy to bring it to you, though.





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