Saturday, 13 October 2012

Tera V

I was so excited a couple of weeks ago when I saw a LivingSocial deal for Tera V.  A good friend of mine is vegan, and for once I had found a new vegetarian/vegan place that I could suggest we go try out!  Alas, the excitement did not last for long.

I hadn't done my research that well and it turns out that it's a vegetarian/vegan fast food place rather than a restaurant.  Second of all, the food wasn't that great.  It was decent, but my fabulous vegan friend could have made a better salad at home.  My burger was good but nothing special, and the majority of the yam fries were burnt.

However, the visit and conversation made up for what the food was lacking!

Barbeque tempeh burger

Smoked tofu salad

Yam fries

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