Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My quick and easy summertime chicken marinade...

This is my go-to chicken marinade recipe in the summertime.  Why?  (1) It's delicious, (2) it involves lemons and I love anything that involves lemons, and (3) you can marinade your chicken and give it a little extra pizazz in ten minutes flat.  You really can't go wrong!

  • Half glug of olive oil per chicken breast
  • Juice of 1/4 lemon per chicken breast
  • Couple solid dashes of oregano per chicken breast
  • Couple grinds of pepper per chicken breast
  • Chicken breast(s)
Mix all of the marinade ingredients together in the dish you plan to marinade your chicken in.  Whisk it until it becomes a dressing-like consistency (shouldn't take long).  Add your chicken breast, poke a few holes in it on either side and move it around so it's covered in the marinade.  Let it sit 5-10 minutes, then flip it and let it sit another 5-10 minutes.  My marinating time is normally dictated by how long it takes me to prep the rest of dinner.  The only thing is that you don't want it to marinate it too long, or it will start to "cook" the chicken (the chicken will turn white...even though it's not cooked!).  Once marinated to your liking, BBQ and enjoy! 

The original recipe I got this idea from suggested mixing cut up tomatoes with caesar salad dressing and placing the mixture on top as a garnish.  This is a really nice touch and the flavours go very nicely together.  I just didn't have have tomatoes or caesar salad dressing on hand this night.

The marinade.
The chicken marinating away!
(Aside note: this is what overcooked kale looks like.  This is what turning on your stove element and "New Girl" at the same time results in.  I do not recommend it.)

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