Friday, 28 June 2013

You want to put what in my caesar???!!! (Perfectly Poured Pints 2 of 22)

I recently had a long-awaited reunion with one of my favourite Friday after work drinks ladies.  Since neither of us had been to Rogue in Gastown, we decided to see if all the fabulousness we'd heard was true.  It was!  I was expecting a classic pub, but it was a really nice cross between a fun restaurant and a modern pub...and they had one of the best craft beer lists that I've seen in the city...they even have Deschutes Mirrorpond Pale Ale on tap!  Yes, folks, you heard right.  Not in a bottle, but on tap!  To top it off, their food was really good.  We both actually commented on how the food was much better than we were expected.  Well done'll be sure to be seeing plenty more of us in the future!
Things to note: (1) They do take reservations, but only in their restaurant section.  The bar section is first come, first served.  (2) They have a patio.  (3) If a beer on the list is stamped in red, it means it's out.  If it's stamped in green, it means they have it on tap.  If it's stamped in red and green, it means it's out.
Despite the fact that I wanted to take full advantage of Rogue's beer list, I couldn't start my Friday after work drinks with anything but a caesar!  However, when I read the description of their signature caesar (smirnoff red label vodka infused with cilantro & cumin, tabasco, worcestershire, clamato, pepperoni stick), I wasn't exactly sure how I felt.  Cilantro in my caesar?  Come on now.  I decided to put on my brave face and order was it good!  The cilantro made it so light and refreshing.  I'd definitely order it again.  ($7.99)

The view from our table.

Round 2: Deschutes Mirrorpond Pale Ale ($5.75) and the R&B Sun God Wheat Ale ($5.50).  Yummy in our tummies. 

Round 3: Red Rooster Pinot Gris ($13.25) and Deschutes Mirrorpond Pale Ale ($5.75).  I still can't believe they had this beer on tap!

Food intermission: my partner in crime's Crispy Chicken Sandwich (smoked bacon, aged cheddar, ranch, tomato, sesame brioche bun).  ($13.99).  This looked scrumptious!

My "The" Reuben: smoked meat stacked high on marble rye,
red sauerkraut, melted gruyere, dijon mayo  ($14.99).  This was amazing!  Hands-down the best reuben I've had in years.  The bread was fresh and flavourful, there was the perfect amount of smoked meat, the flavour of the cheese popped in your mouth and the sauerkraut was out of control!  I would give pretty much anything to learn how to make that sandwich.
I forgot to take a picture of Round 4, but I wanted to mention it because I made a massive mistake.  I had ordered the Mirrorpond Pale Ale knowing that I was going to want another beer afterwards.  The Mirrorpond Pale Ale should always be consumed as your dessert beer, as nothing will compare to it after you've had it.  However, I found one that survived and did not disappoint.  So, in case you make a rookie mistake like me, order the Mount Begbie Cream Ale to follow up your Mirropond Pale Ale.  ($5.50)
2 of 22 officially checked off!
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