Monday, 24 June 2013

This one's for Theo...

To all those Winnipegians/former Torontonians who do not believe that Vancouver has shawarma (cough cough, Theo)'s your proof that not only does Vancouver have shawarma, but it has darn good shawarma!!

I have been dying to try the Mr. Shawarma food truck for quite some time now.  So, when I got a shawarma craving the other day, I decided to make my way over to Mr. Shawarma...definite good call!  Spectacular shawarma flavours, solid portion, spicy hot sauce, all for $6.50 tax in...unreal!  And, if you don't believe me, take the word of the two guys who ordered right ahead of me.  The guy who got his first, started eating while they were waiting for the second one.  With the first bite, the fellow let out a happy food groan...the other fellow instantly said, "Orgasmic, right?"

Things to note: (1) Mr. Shawarma is located on the North East corner of Hornby and Robson, Monday through Saturday.  (2) Cash only.  (3) Expect a 5-10 minute wait from order to receipt of yummy goodness.

I got my shawarma, I got my shawarma!

Look at that yummy goodness!

The menu (tax included for all items).  They also serve a poutine for under $5.50...I somehow managed to cut it out of this photo.

The X that marks the spot.

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  1. Yummm - I'll have to try this place. I love a good shawarma.