Friday, 7 June 2013

Wicked Café - Best Cafés in Vancouver (3 of 48)

A while back, a dear friend of mine sent me a list of the best coffee shops in Vancouver that she found (included below for your viewing pleasure).  I was super excited...even more options for my Chai Latté and Scrabble challenge!  So, when I was meeting up with a friend for coffee recently, I decided it was time to start putting this list to use and check out Wicked Café.  I had heard fabulous things about this cute coffee shop for years and was thrilled to see they were all true!

The space is great and welcoming, the artwork on the walls is gorgeous, the baked goods are out of control and all looked home-made, the service was friendly and easy-going, the prices were normal, and my matcha latté was delicious.  There was no chai latté or Scrabble this time...just wasn't that kind of day...but I have no doubt my scrabble board will be making an appearance there in the future!

Only 45 more to go!

My delicious matcha latté.  (approximately $4.25)

The unbelievable selection of baked goods.  Talk about heaven!  And for you gluten-free folks out there, I was impressed with the number of gluten-free options available.

My Orange-cranberry Muffin.  (approximately $2.75).  Definitely hit the spot!

My coffee shop partner in crime's chocolate croissant.  (price unknown)  Looked very yummy!

The view from our seats.

The other view from our seats.
The X that marks the spot.

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