Friday, 14 December 2012

Arturo's Mexican To Go

So, I have to apologize for the delay in posting this post.  I went to Arturo's Mexico to Go a couple of weeks ago and I had the best intentions of posting this immediately but, before I knew it, I had vacation and Christmas fairies dancing in front of my eyes!  The delay doesn't affect my opinion of the experience so I hope it doesn't change yours.

I really can't say enough about Arturo's Mexican to Go.  The food is delicious and filling, the service is efficient, and the employees are so polite and thoughtful.  We had to wait about 3 minutes to make our order because they had a big order come in right before we ordered.  At least two of the employees apologized for the wait.  I couldn't believe it.  I've waited ten minutes to order and 15-20 minutes to get my food at some of the other food trucks with no apology.  So far, they're two for two for great service.  In fact, I'd go as far as saying that Arturo's is hands-down the best service I've ever received at a food truck. 

I headed to Arturo's with an old boss and colleague.  They were wanting to check out the food truck scene and they didn't have to twist my arm very hard.  I'll let the photos explain why...

Arturo's Original: the Gringa.  Grilled whole wheat soft tortilla with mozzarella, rotisserie pork and warm salsa.  Served with rice, beans, salad, fresh salsa and corn.  I hadn't tried the Gringa yet, so it was a must order this time and it didn't let me down.  Scrumptious, filling and lots of flavour!  I'd highly recommend it.  ($9.50)

The truck.

My competition!  He doesn't have a food blog yet, but he ordered the same thing as me, had the same opinion as me, and with a style sense like that he'd kill a food blog!  But for the time being I'm safe and, regardless, he'll always be one of my all-time favourite ex-colleagues.

 My old boss' chicken burrito: whole wheat soft tortilla, chicken, rice, beans, fresh salsa, guacamole, lettuce, onion, corn, sour cream and mozzarella. Yum yum in her tum tum!  ($8.50)  For those of you wondering who she is, you can probably identify her by her bling.
Thanks for the great lunch you two!  Nothing beats great company and laughter for an hour straight.  

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