Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Urban Sushi

Yesterday I met up for lunch with one of the fittest ladies I know...Fitness Junkie.  She regularly kicks my butt in spin but I always enjoy catching up outside of class because she is so much fun to chat with.  Fitness Junkie had a mean sushi craving today so we headed to Urban Sushi to ensure it was satisfied.  I'd been there once before and have thoroughly enjoyed it both times.  The seating area is full of light, the food is yummy and fresh, and the service is efficient.  Definitely a great place to grab a quick lunch during the work week. 

Thanks for the great lunch Fitness Junkie!

My Sashimi Bento Box: Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, 4 Pieces of Sashimi, Tempura, Sunomono & Fruit ($11.75).

 Fitness Junkie's lunch: vegetable roll: 5 pieces: avocado, deep fried asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, radish, red pepper & tomato ($4.00), salmon sashimi ($7.50) and miso soup ($1.60). 


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