Thursday, 6 December 2012

Paul's Omelettery

This past weekend I went for brunch with one of the loveliest ladies I know.  We'd both been wanting to try Paul's Omelettery, so we made our way there on Sunday morning and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The restaurant itself is nice, bright and open.  It feels more like a restaurant than a diner, which was a pleasant change for brunch, our waitress was very pleasant and good at her job, and the food was very yummy.
I was initially tempted by the Pancakes or French Toast, but I figured I had to have an Omelette on my first trip to Paul's Omelettery!  So, I ended up going with the Fairview Omelette which had turkey sausage, bacon, tomato, red peppers, salsa, black beans, cheddar cheese and edam cheese in it.  I'm not going to lie, I opted for that one because I was craving bacon and sausage, but it was definitely a good choice.  The omelette was jam packed full of yummy goodness, was flavourful, fresh, and definitely not greasy.  I also treated myself to a glass of freshly squeezed orange yummy!
My lovely lady friend went with the Blackstone Omelette which came with bacon, tomato and brie and she added the pan fries.  She said her omelette was very good and we split her pan fries and they were scrumptious!  I would definitely add them on to my order the next time.  The other thing that we both really enjoyed was the home-made jam that the toast came with.  It was delicious!  Definitely two thumbs up overall from both of us. 
Things to note: (1) I arrived right at 10am and got a table for two instantly.  However, by the time my lovely lady friend arrived at 10:05, there was a line-up of at least five tables and the line-up just increased as we ate.  So, make sure you get there before 10 unless you want to be standing in line.  (2) Their menu says that they only have multi-grain toast, but if you ask nicely, they have a secret stash of sourdough.

The Fairview Omelette ($9.95) open and closed.

The Blackstone Omelette with pan fries ($11.25).

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