Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Best Tuna Sandwich Ever! - 888 Caffee Express

If you've ever walked along Dunsmuir Street during the work week you've probably noticed the flower cart between Howe and Hornby, but I bet you never noticed the coffee shop the flower cart is in front of.  Neither had I.  That is until a dear friend suggested grabbing a sandwich there for lunch.  However, she didn't just suggest it, she raved and raved about their tuna sandwich.  I thought she might have gone off her rocker.  Seriously, how could a tuna sandwich be that good?  Well, my friends, it is simply the best tuna sandwich on Earth! 

You get to choose your bread (wholewheat, rye or cheese), you can request it to be toasted or not toasted, it comes with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and cheese,'s the killer ingredient, their tuna salad has capers in it!!!  Brilliance...simply brilliance.  Add to that the fact that the sandwich comes with plain potato chips (word on the street is that you can ask for carrot sticks instead, but I pretend I don't know that every time I order) all for the fabulous price of $ in!  Definitely a must try.

Things to note: (1) They make a limited amount of tuna every day, so once it's gone, it's gone.  (2) There is limited seating in the coffee shop and a steady line from about noon on, so if you want to ensure you get your tuna and a seat, I'd be there by 11:45 at the latest.

My lunch - tuna sandwich on cheesebread, toasted.

My fabulous eating partner in crime's sandwich: tuna on marbled rye, untoasted.

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