Monday, 10 December 2012

The Chai Latte and Scrabble Challenge - Culprit

I don't know if it's because I've been craving chai lattes recently, but in the last couple of weeks I've noticed so many independent coffee shops that were calling my name while I was out and about.  So, I decided to make a goal to go to a new independent coffee shop with a friend and have a relaxing morning visit over a chai latte at least once a month, if not more.  However, I've also been having this urge to go play random games of Scrabble at a coffee shop.  Enter the Chai Latte and Scrabble Challenge.  I plan on visiting various independent coffee shops that have caught my curiosity and see how they stack up in terms of their chai lattes and their scrabble playing locations.
The first coffee shop I decided to try out is Culprit at 4th and Vine.  It's hard to miss with its yellow facade.  It's a cute little shop and is about as hipster as you'll get in Kits.  I especially liked the light fixture made of flashlights.  As for their chai latte, one of the best I've had.  It was very flavourful, but not sweet.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My only complaint would be that it cooled down quite quickly.
As for a scrabble playing location...brilliant.  No one tried to rush us out of our seat and it looked like it's a popular location for people to come and get some work done, even though there are only 4 tables.  Which brings up another neat thing I saw.  Two people who didn't know each other shared a table.  How awesome is that?!
So, needless to say, I would recommend checking Culprit out, Scrabble or not.
If anyone has any coffee shop recommendations for my Chai Latte and Scrabble Challenge, please pass them my way.  And, if you feel like challenging the time and place!
My delicious Chai Latte (around $4).
The view from our table.

Getting our scrabble on.

The final board: Me - 270, Challenger 1 - 260.  Being the dorky scrabble player that I am, I was a wee bit excited that we both broke 250 AND almost reached all four corners of the board!
Culprit from the outside.

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