Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Kamei Royale

I had a fabulous surprise visit from my cousin and his girlfriend last week.  They were just in town for a quick visit so we caught up over sushi at Kamei Royale.  As always, the food was great and the company even better.  Thanks for the great visit guys!

Things to note: (1) Kamei Royale takes reservations, which makes lunch dates super easy.  (2) They don't have an umbrella stand but they will hold your umbrella for you behind the front counter.  (3) You can't go wrong with anything you order!

Sashimi Vancouver: Atlantic salmon (2 pieces), yellowtail (2 pieces), tuna belly (2 pieces), and tuna (3 pieces). ($19.95)

Delicious Roll: chopped scallop, imitation crab meat, avocado, fresh mango, poached prawns, served with white wine mustard sauce and tobiko. ($13.95)

Dynamite roll ($5.95).

My sushi and sashimi boat: miso soup, goma-ae, tuna and salmon sashimi, tuna and salmon sushi, dynamite roll (2 pieces), california roll (2 pieces), BC roll (2 pieces) and fruit.  ($16.95) 


  1. I love Kamei Royale. I take all my out of town guests there and they always love it too. Alison

    1. Thanks for the feedback Alison! Do you have any favourites there?