Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dim Sum at Kirin

The other day I headed out for Christmas dim sum with some lovely ex-colleagues.  I thought the world truly might be coming to an end when they suggested Kirin instead of their staple Imperial, but they soon informed me that Imperial had closed down forever...insert gasp here.  Heartbroken as I was, I was looking forward to trying Kirin.

The atmosphere in Kirin is definitely comfortable yet classy.  It was a bit different because you order off a menu instead of choosing from a tray or filling out a card, but once we got used to it, it worked well.  The service was good, and so was the food.  However, the Company was spectacular, so I definitely can't complain!

The view from our table before the plethora of lunch eaters arrived.

Our pretty table with fancy chopstick holders and a tea warming plate.

Pan fried rice noodles.  These were not quite what we were expecting but they were good nonetheless. 

Oh I love you.

Steamed shrimp dumplings.  It's just not dim sum without them.

Course 1 of our 2 course peking duck.  I'd never had peking duck and was quite excited to try it.  This course consisted of flour tortillas, duck skin, "chips" (the white things that look and tasted like styrofoam...not that I've ever eaten styrofoam before...), green onions and special sauce.

Our waiter politely taught me how you're supposed to eat it.  You essentially build a peking duck burrito with all of the fixings.  It was interesting, but didn't necessarily float my boat.

Round 2 of our peking duck: minced peking duck and shredded styrofoam chips to make lettuce wraps with.  These were okay, but was not what anyone at the table was expecting when peking duck was ordered. 

Chicken and mushroom dumplings.

 Mushroom spring rolls.

I'm not sure how much each dish cost, but the meal came to just under $60, tax in and fed all three of us. 

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