Friday, 18 January 2013

Bay Sushi Cafe on Seymour

In honour of the NHL hockey season finally starting, we had our traditional office hockey pool draft yesterday at lunch.  In order to ensure our bellies were full and our minds fully functioning during the draft, we ordered sushi for lunch.  An ex-colleague had recently recommended Bay Sushi Cafe on Seymour, so we ordered from there.  It was delicious, reasonable and one heck of a good recommendation!  Everyone in the office commented on how good it was, so I think there will be plenty more orders to Bay Sushi in the future.

Roll Combo Party Tray:
5 Pcs. Dynamite Roll
8 Pcs. California Roll
6 Pcs. Cucumber Roll
8 Pcs. BC Roll
8 Pcs. Alaska Roll
8 Pcs. Spicy Tuna Roll
6 Pcs. Salmon Roll
8 Pcs. Prawn Tempura
Total of 57 Pcs.

Small Salmon Sashimi (5 pcs) - $7.50

Large Tuna Sashimi (10 pcs) - $11.95

Gyoza (6 pcs) - $4.50

Large Assorted Tempura: 4 pcs prawn and 6 pcs vegetable - $7.95
Chicken Teriyaki - $6.50

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